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VOLUME 11 ISSUE 2 2020


1.   Graded Crusher Stone – Crusher Dust Soils Used As An Alternative In Pavement Construction

      S. M. K. Patnaik, P. V. V.  Satyanarayana (Professor), K. Vijay  and  K. Saroja Rani

      Andhra University.

      Page No: 1-8


2.  On Chromatic Core Subgraph Of Corona Graph And Join Graphs Which Admits Johan Colouring

     S. Monolisa (Associate Professor), M. Jerlin Seles, U. Mary, 
Nirmala College for Women, Coimbatore.

     Page No: 9-13


3.  Cost-Sensitive Learning And Decision Making For Time Series Prediction

     S. K. Swain (Professor)  and  P. R. Mohapatra, School of Computer Engineering, Bhubaneswar, KIIT Deemed to be University (Odisha), India.

     S. Pani (Associate Professor), Orissa Engineering College, Bhubaneswar, (Odisha), India.

     S. S. Basa (Assistant Professor), North Orissa University, Baripada, (Odisha), India.

     Page No: 14-19


4.  Analysis Of Recycling Waste Into Garments And Sales Promotion Methods Ofgarment Industries

     Dr. N. Sivakumar (Assistant Professor), S. Mohamed Ashik, N. Thirumaran  and  Dr. K. Prabhakumari (Assistant Professor)

     Nift-Tea College of Knitwear Fashion, Tirupur.

     Page No: 20-24


5.  To Study The Ergonomic Deficiencies In Computer Work Station Design Of The Bank Employees 
     Dr. Komal Patel, Dr. Nidhi Gupta

     S. M. Patel College of Home Science, Gujarat,Inda

     Page No: 25-30


6.  Anti   Fuzzy K-ideals And Anti Fuzzy K-subalgebras Of Ink-algebras In Term Of Level Subsets
     R.Rajakumari (Research scholar), KR.Balasubramanian (Assistant Proferssor), 
Department of mathematics, H. H. The Rajah’s college,Affiliated by Bharathidasan university,Tiruchirapalli , Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India
     Page No: 31-65


7.  Tree Hop Domination In Connected Graphs
     S. Muthammai, Principal (Retired),
Alagappa Government Arts College, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu,   
     C. Chitiravalli,(Research scholar),
Government Arts College for Women(Autonomous), Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu,

     Page No: 66-74


8.  Novel InAlAsP/GaInP/GaAs Stacked Dual Junction Solar Cell for Photovoltaic Applications
     S. Nihaal, M.V. Vishal, A. Vasudevaraman, Dr.A.Mohanbabu
Karpagam college of Engineering, Coimbatore,India
     Page No: 75-81


9.  The Role Of Akbar, The Great Man In Indian History
     Dr. Lekshmy.P.L
Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur,Calicut University.

     Page No: 82-93


10. Measurement & Analysis of Performance Parameters with Design Parameters of a Solar PV Plant
      Ajay Kapoor (Student) , Dr. Sudhir Sharma (Associate Professor) & Dr. Chintu Rza (Assistant Professor) 
Department of Electrical Engineering, DAVIET, Jalandhar, India

      Page No: 94-101


11. A Review on Load Forecasting
     R. Duraibabu(Student), R. Kesavarajan(Student), M.Susmitha(Students), A.Vinothkumar(Students), R. Ganesan(Assistant

     Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology

     Page No: 102-106


12. A Review on Various Image Steganography and Cryptography Techniques
      K. Anandharaj(Ph.D Research Scholar), J. Abdul Samath(Assistant Professor)

      PG & Research Department of Computer Science, Chikkanna Government Arts College, Tirupur.

      Page No: 107-116


13. Connected edge, Split edge and Domatic edge Domination numbers in Boolean Function Graph B( Kp , L(G), NINC) of a graph 
      Dr. S. Muthammai(Principal(Retd)),
Alagappa Government Arts college, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India.
      S. Dhanalakshmi, Government Arts College for Women (Autonomous), Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India. 

      Page No: 117-125


14. Use of KNN Classifier and region based segmentation for the detection of Plant disease
      Mandeep Kaur  and  Ranjit Kaur (Professor)

      Punjabi University, Patiala.

      Page No: 126-132


15. D-Recurrent Three - Dimensional Finsler Spaces
      Sushil Kumar Agrawal  and  S.C. Rastogi

      Bansal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow.

      Page No: 133-141


16.  The Physical  And Nlo Behavier Ofmmonium Dihydrogen Phosphate Crystals (Adp) Crystals In The Variation Of Ph 
      G. Ramasamy* 
Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, India

      Page No: 142-154


17. Emerging Challenges And Strategies For  Indian Educational Services Sector    
      Dr.R.S.S.Nehru (Assistant Profess), Dr. Kotra Balayogi( Assistant Professor) 
Sikkim University, Gangtok, Sikkim   
      Faculty of Education; ICFAI University, Tripura

      Page No: 155-162


18. Uranium, Radium And Radon Exhalation Rate In Rock Samples From Jawali - Fatehpur Area Of Himachal Pradesh, India,  Using Solid State        Nuclear Track Detectors : A  Case Study  
Dinesh Kumar Sharma  
Govt. Arya Degree College Patta Jattian, H.P.India

      Page No: 163-172


19. Radio Labeling Of Complete Related Graphs
      Stephen John . B(Associate Professor), Jovit Vinish Melma . G(Research Scholar-Full Time, Reg. No.: 19113012092002)

      Annai Velankanni College Tholayavattam, Affiliated By Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Abishekapatti, Tirunelveli , Tamilnadu, India. 

      Page No: 173-187


20Solution of one dimensional fractional advection-diffusion equation using Laplace transform-homotopy perturbation method
      U. K. Mandal, Ram Naresh Das,  Abhimanyu Kumar and N. K. Agrawal

      Nalanda College, Biharsharif, Patliputra University, Patna, Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga (Bihar)
      Page No: 188-195


21. Screening of in vitro cytotoxic activity of green seaweed Caulerpa lentilifera (Family: Chlorophyceae) against cervical carcinoma
      G.Chandralega and V.Ramadas
Raja Doraisingam Govt. Arts College, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, Alagappa University, Karaikudi – 630003,Tamil Nadu, India.

      Page No: 196-203


22. Novel Teaching Methods For Data Structures & Algorithms
      Kishor B. Bhangale, Sagar Bhavsar

      D.Y.P.C.O.E, Akurdi, Pune, SPPU, Maharashtra, Pune, India.

      Page No: 204-206


23. Performance Assessement Of Rotary Intersection Capacity (Case Study Of Baban Gwari Round About)
      Govind Singh Chauhan(Assistant Professor), Auwal Alhassan Musa(Post Graduate Scholar) and Lasmar Garba(Post Graduate Scholar)

      Mewar University, Chittorgarh

      Page No: 207-213


24. Application Of Fuzzy Logic Controller To Solar Energy Conversion System With Sepic Converter
     Dr.P.Venkatesan, Dr.S.Kannan 
Mahendra Institute of Technology
     Malla Reddy Institute of Technology and Science

     Page No: 214-223


25. Forest Fire Risk Assessment And Management Using Geospatial Technologies
     Krishna Theertha O.R, G. Madhu, Dipak Kumar Sahoo,  School of engineering, Cochin University of Science and Technology
     Sreejith A.c, Vivek Chandran .a, Christ college (Autonomous) Irinjalakuda.
     Subin K Jose, Christ college (Autonomous) Irinjalakuda

     Page No:224-234


26. Traffic Actuated Signal System Design for Heterogeneous traffic on urban roads-A Review.
       Pranjal Ranpura (PG student), Pradip Gundaliya (Professor)
       Department of Civil Engineering, L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

       Page No: 235-241



27. Qualitative and Quantitative a Analysis of senna hirsuta Medicinal tree

      D.Madan kumar, S. Pari

      Department of Physics, NationalCollege(Autonomous), Tiruchirapalliv

      Page No: 242-250



28. Phytochemical Analysis And Antibacterial Activity Of Tinospora Cordifolia (Thunb.)
      Marudupandiyar College, Thanjavur

      Page No: 251-257



29. Surface Runoff Estimation Using Scs- Cn Method And Gis Tool For The Palar Watershed, Karnataka
      Amritha Thankachan(Research Scholar), Mohammed Badiuddin Parvez(Research Scholar) Chalapathi K(Research Scholar) 
      M. Inayathulla4(Professor) Chithaiah.e(Guest Faculty)

      UVCE, Bangalore University

      Page No: 258-266



30. Cyber Forensics
      N. Parashuram, B. Hema, S. Fazia
GPCET (affiliated to JNTUA, Anantapur), Kurnool, India.

      Page No: 267-268



31. Implementation Of Landmark Based Spectral Clustering Using Crf-knn Algorithm In Data Mining
      Shivani Walia, P S Mann
DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology (DAVIET), Jalandhar,Punjab, India

      Page No: 269-283



32.  History And Heritage Of Thoothukudi District 
      Sam Rohan  
      Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli

      Page No: 284-290  



33. Kalugasalamoorthy  Temple In Kalugumalai - A Study
      M. Santhanamari
Manonmaniam Sundaranar University,Tirunevlveli

      Page No: 291-296  



34. Palmyrah Palm And Tamilnadu
      M.Thirupathi Venkadesh
      Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli.

      Page No: 297-304  



35. Multi Response Optimization Of Abrasive Water Jet Machining Process Parameters By Using Taguchi Based Grey Relational Analysis 
     Ch.Prem Kumar(PG Scholar) T. Nishkala2(Assistant Professor) V. Chengal Reddy (Assistant Professor)
 Chadalawada Ramanamma Engineering College, Andhra Pradesh

     Page No: 305-313 



36. Underwater Image Enhancement Through Particle Swarm Optimization

      Akhila L, Sreeja Nair M.P
      Cochin University College of Engg:Kuttanad,Alappuzha, Kerala, India

      Page No: 314-321



37. Impact of Liberalization Policy, New Manufacturing Policy and Make in India Programme on Employment in Small Scale Industry of Punjab
     Sukhwinder Kaur (Asst. Prof.) 
G.G.D.S.D. College, Hariana( Hoshiarpur)

      Page No: 322-332



38. Design and Fabrication of Bicycle Driven by Shaft and Gear System 
      R. Panchamoorthy(Assistant Professors) P. Balashanmugam(Assistant Professors) S. Muthukumar(Assistant Professors)                                      N.Sivakumar(Assistant Professors) 
  Mechanical Engineering, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamilnadu, India

      Page No: 333-345



39. Cloud Computing: Perspective, Challenges and Future Trend 
      Nagaraju Kilari Sr. Asst.Prog & HOD - BCA),Neha Yalamanchi 
      New Horizon College, Marathlli, Bangalore

      Page No: 346-356



40. Experimental Investigation Of Compression Ignition Engine Using Methyl Ester Extracted From Macro Algae Oil 
      M. Kannan(Associate Professor) R. Velappan(Assistant Professor) R. Panchamoorthy(Assistant Professor) 
      Annamalai University 

      Page No: 357-363



41. Corrosion Resistance And Permeability Of Ggbs Blended Concrete Made Of Opc 53-s 
      N. Ramakrishna1(Research Scholar), JNTUA, Ananthapuramu 
      Prof A. Srinivasa Rao(Principal), RSR Engineering College, Kavali 
      Prof C. Sashidhar (Director), Industrial Consultancy division, JNTUA, Ananthapuramu

      Page No: 364-373



42. Maximum Boost Control of Diode-Assisted Buck–Boost VSI through Least Switching Frequency by SVPWM Method
      Manoj Kumar(M.Tech Scholar) Vivek Kumar Yadav(Assistant Professor)
      SRK University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

      Page No: 374-392



43. The Irrigation Scenario In Kanyakumari District
      Seleena . M, Dr. T. Lysammal

      Nesamony Memorial Christian College, Marthandom, Manomaniam Sundaranar University.

      Page No: 393-399



44.  Mass Migration Of Youth From Punjab To Developed Countries
      Ketki Bhabra (Research Scholar), Dr. Vikram Sandhu(Assistant Professor)                                                                                                                 
University Business School, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, 143005, Punjab, India

      Page No: 400-404



 45. Fluorosis Survey among School Children in Rural Areas of South India and Removal of High Fluoride using Aluminium Modified Bentonite Clay
       K.Vijai and S. M. Mazhar Nazeeb Khan

       Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy – 620020, Tamilnadu, India.

       Page No: 405-413



46.  A Review on various Image Thresholding Methods for Mammogram Image Segmentation
      A.Krishnaveni (Research Scholar), R. Shankar(Assistant Professors), S. Duraisamy(Assistant Professors)
Chikkanna Government Arts College, Tirupur-641 602.

      Page No: 414-426



47. A  Review On Impact Of  Traffic Work Zone On Capacity And Delay
     Toral H.Vyas (PhD Scholar), H.R.Varia(Professor)
Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat, India 
     Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering, Gujarat, India 

     Page No: 427-436