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Compliance Engineering Journal

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VOLUME 13 ISSUE 11 2022



1.  Dynamic ALAD/PHAD Analysis for Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
     S. Arivarasan,S.Geetha,K.Senthilkumar
     VSB Engineering College, Karur,India
     Page No : 1-10

     DOI:16.10089.CEJ.2022.V13I10.285311 4020


2. Risk assessment and Management in Construction Projects
    Raman Mudgal,B.P Mudgal,Manoj Sharma
    IPSCTM, Gwalior (474005) Madhya Pradesh, India
    Page No : 11-22

    DOI:16.10089.CEJ.2022.V13I10.285311 4021


3. A New Swarm and Deep Learning Based Approach for DDoS Attack Detection in Cloud Environment
    K.Srinath yadav,S.Arivarasan,S.Geetha
    VSB Engineering College, Karur,India
    Page No : 23-38

    DOI:16.10089.CEJ.2022.V13I10.285311 4022


4. Enhanced Approaches for Data Security at execution time in Cloud Environment
    VSB Engineering College, Karur,India
    Page No : 39-45

    DOI:16.10089.CEJ.2022.V13I10.285311 4023


5. Emperor Penguin Colony Based Unequal Clustering Scheme For Hotspot Mitigation In Wireless Sensor Networks
    VSB Engineering College
    Page No : 46-53

    DOI:16.10089.CEJ.2022.V13I10.285311 4024


6. Static and Force Analysis of Sweep Type Weeder Tine by Using Finite Element Method
    Km. Shilpi Sahu,Dheeraj Mandliya,Vikas Sharma
    Malwa Institute of Technology, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Page No : 54-68

    DOI:16.10089.CEJ.2022.V13I10.285311 4025


7.Theoretical Study of SHG and LE-O Susceptibilities of InAs Crystal: Linear Absorption Discarded
   Chandra P. Singh
   Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut
   Page No : 69-77

   DOI:16.10089.CEJ.2022.V13I10.285311 4026


8.Photochemical Study of Rhodamine B– EDTA and Tween-80 System for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage in Electrical Energy
   Tanu Shree,Rajendra,Mahesh Chandra
   Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan
   Page No : 78-90

   DOI:16.10089.CEJ.2022.V13I10.285311 4027