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An UGC-CARE Approved Group - II Journal ( Scopus Indexed Till 2005)

Scientific Journal Impact Factor - 6.1

Compliance Engineering Journal

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A Peer Reviewed/Referred Journal

A Peer Reviewed / Referred Journal


1. Adsorption Of Bisphenol-a From Aqueous Solution Using Graphene Coated Sand
    Mathanakeerthi S, Jeyanthi J, Sibichakkaravarthi L M

    Government College of Technology, Coimbatore.
    Page No:1-6



2. Feasibility Of Leachate Treatment Adopting Parthenium Hysterophorus And Sodium Alginate Biopolymer Composite Beads
    Nivethidha E, Lakshmi Priya T, Jeyanthi J

    Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, India.
    Page No:7-12



3. Treatment Of Leachate By Fenton’s Process Using Iron Nanoparticle Catalyst And Process Optimisation
     Kanmani S, Dr.Jeyanthi J, Lakshmipriya T

     Government College of Technology, Coimbatore.
     Page No:13-18



4. An Experimental Approach For Improving Mechanical Properties Of Fiber Reinforced Concrete With Hybridization Of Coir And Steel
    Balaji K, Dr.V.Kavimani.M.Sc,M.phil,Ph.D

    Tamil nadu College Of Engineering(ANNA UNIVERSITY) Coimbatore,Tamil nadu ,India.
    Page No:19-22



5. A Study On Strength & Durability Of Cement, Silica Fume & Nano Silica Paste
    V. Sairam, Nikhil Kumar, Mohit Kumar and Tadap Techi

    VIT University.
    Page No:23-26



6. Optimization And Enhanced Lipid Production By Oleaginous Yeast From Wood Waste Using Design Expert Software
    Ramasamy T, Murugan S, Anbarasan T

    Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, India.
    Page No:27-31



7. Experimental and Numerical study of wire mesh orientation on Retrofitted Rc beams using Ferrocement jacketing
    E.Sowmya, Dr.R.Venkatasubramani, K.Aravinthan

    Dr.MCET, Pollachi,Coimbatore,India.
    Page No:32-38



8.  A Study On Structural Behavior Of Encased Composite Beams
     D. Nandhini M.E, P. Sathiya Bama M.E

     Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology NPT-MCET Campus,Pollachi, India.
     Page No:39-42



9. Parametric Study On Engineered Steel Fibers To Investigate The Punching Shear Resistance Of Sfrc Slabs
    J. Jeevitha, M. E,  Dr. R. Venkatasubramani

    Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology NPT - MCET campus, Pollachi, India.
    Page No:43-48