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An UGC-CARE Approved Group - II Journal ( Scopus Indexed Till 2005)

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Compliance Engineering Journal

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A Peer Reviewed/Referred Journal

A Peer Reviewed / Referred Journal

VOLUME 9 ISSUE 10 2018

1. An Auction Based Health Monitoring Scheme Using Group Management Techniques In Wireless Sensor Networks
    D.Satheeswari, R.Anandha Praba, Dr.D.Joseph Jeyakumar

    Meenakshi College of Engineering.
    Page No:1-6



2. Automatic And Efficient Technique For Bone Tumor Segmentation And Classification Using Image Processing
    R.Anandha Praba, D.Satheeswari, Dr.D.JosephJeyakumar

    Meenakshi College Of Engineering.
    Page No:7-12



3. Efficient Resource Allocation Using Ss Algorithm In Cloud Computing
    Sowmiya S M, Vijayakumar A, Saraswathi.D, Sharmila.M

    Jerusalem college of Engineering Chennai, India.
    Page No:13-18



4. An Effective Mobile Application For Human Stress Detection And Relief
    Vijayakumar A, Selvamani K, Mahi Suhila S T

    Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai.
    Page No:19-22



5. An Effective Customer Relationship Management Using Random Generation And K-means Cluster Mining Algorithm
    Vijayakumar A, George Fernandez I, Selvamani K, Apoorva K S, Arasanya K

    Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai.
    Page No:23-28



6. An Enhanced Automation Based Monitoring For Voice Complications In Smart Cities
    Vijayakumar A, Sruthi G, Selvamani K, Saranya M , Pavithra S

    Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai., Anna University, Chennai.
    Page No:29-33



7. Privacy Protected Cloud Based Medical Data Sharing And Data Analysis
    Uma Devi, Reshma.m.k, Koyal Bisoyi

    Page No:34-39



8. Securing Sql Database Through Sql Injection, Ddos Attack And Vulnerablity Scan. 
    S.jagadeesan, Swaminathan Sai Prashanth, T N Yogeshwar

    Page No:40-44