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An UGC-CARE Approved Group - II Journal ( Scopus Indexed Till 2005)

Scientific Journal Impact Factor - 6.1

Compliance Engineering Journal

A Monthly Publishing Journal

A Peer Reviewed/Referred Journal

A Peer Reviewed / Referred Journal


1. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System Using Smart Phone
    K.B.R.Adithya, R.Ashifa, Dondapati Sowmya, Mrs. Priskilla Angel Rani

    Anand Institute of Higher Technology, Chennai.
    Page No:1-4



2. A Sovereign system to collect floatable pollutants in water bodies using nifty bin (SSC-FP)
    K.Hemalatha, Karthick, A.Salamon, B.Vinoth Kumar

    Jerusalem College of Engineering Chennai, India.
    Page No:5-7 



3. Division Based Automatic Irrigation System For Smart Agriculture Using IoT
    L Sugasini, A Malline Niveetha, V Sivapriya

    Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai, India.
    Page No:8-12



4. Blind user wearable audio assistance for outdoor navigation using raspberry pi based on image processing
     K. Rathnavel, R. Subash, V. Vignesh

     Jerusalem College OF Engineering, Chennai.
     Page No:13-15



5. Realization of Control strategy for a Non linear System using FPGA
    Mr.K.Selvasundar, R.Kaushik Sharan, V.S.Narmadan, S.R.Shreyash

    Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai.
    Page No:16-20



6. Control Strategies For Parallel Buck-boost Converter
    Dr V.Jamuna, Y.Rekha, B.Divya Barathi, V.Harini, V.Nivedita

    Jerusalem College of Engineering,Chennai,India.
    Page No:21-26



7. Scada Controlled Water Distribution
    Usha.D, Keerthika.H, Lavanya.R, and Srividhya.M 

    Jerusalem college
    Page No:27-32



8. Wirelessly Controlled Bike Lock System with Theft Indication and Vehicle Tracking Facility
    D Usha, Ama, Raj B R, J Devanathan

    Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai, India.
    Page No:33-38



9. Conceptualize and Design of Clog Indicator for AirOil filter in Vacuum pumps
    Ms.J.Anslin, S.Ihsan Jabarullah, Y.D.Adithiya, S.Ramanathan

    Jerusalem College OF Engineering, Chennai.
    Page No:39-41